If success seems far, join eMMC Course & mSAP Training Course Delhi

Trying your best to do wonders in your career and show the world that you possess appreciating skills. Enhance them and improvise them with the help of many eMMC repairing institutes in Delhi. Start earning quickly, and be a professional technician.


Join ABC Mobile Institute Institute of EMMC Repairing in Delhi & mSAP Training Course Delhi to become the most efficient eMMC repairing engineer. They focus on practical Training for EMMC repairing. EMMC Repairing Course can make you skilled and sharpen your skills for your future in Delhi.

Why you should join ABC Mobile Institute EMMC Repairing Course?

We are dedicated to make the careers of our student on the best level. The professionally qualified msap and eMMC engineers have very good opportunity in the same industry. And we ensure that we can fulfill this demand of industry by professionally training the msap and eMMC engineers at ABC Mobile Institute Institute in Delhi.

  • ABC Mobile Institute Institute focuses on Practical Training as well as theoretical knowledge.
  • We also provide lifetime technical support.
  • Free Demo classes are facilitated for students, ensuring them the quality of education and trainers.
  • They believe in engaging students in teamwork so to develop managerial skills (for future perspective).
  • There is no age limitation or boundation. You can take admission anytime whenever you want.

We have msaps to make use of instead of desktops and PCs. The generation today runs blindly behind handy-msaps that are convenient to use and easy to carry. Gain knowledge about msaps and their associated repairs from reputed and certified Msap repairing Institutes, now opened all over Ghaziabad. With more than 80% of practical training, students are assured of quality teaching from well-trained and educated faculty. Such big and renowned Msap repairing institutes offers many facilities like separate laboratories and modern equipments that grooms a student well and become their major USPs. Let us talk about them in detail and know more specifications:

  • In the eMMC Repairing Course in delhi , the students go through realistic environment where they learn to track cause of damage, find out solution, immediate service, and application of repairing techniques.
  • The Msap repairing course in Ghaziabad enables the students to repair in the cost efficient manner and makes your process transparent to give satisfactory results.
  • During the course duration, the students become able to provide specialized treatment for each kind of issue occurred while repairing msap. Students get full support by the faculty of for any fault after completing their course also.
  • They are job-oriented short-term Msap repairing courses which allow a student to not only seek knowledge but also employ himself. One can earn too after doing such courses from msap repairing institutes.
  • These msap & eMMC-repairing courses in NOIDA & mSAP Training Course Delhi do not even charge much as their fees of the course. A full-fledged msap-repairing institute more focuses on the growth and betterment of their students, rather being money-minded.
  • We owe a great dependency over msap repairing institutes because the industry for msaps will never decline. The industry is ever growing. With its growth, betterment for msap repairing engineers increases with a better scope.

The above listed and discussed points show the demand for Msap repairing trainers and engineers as they protect the msap technology as well as its repair and servicing. It helps in keeping them in competition running in the market. Several college students often start out their individual personal repair business.

So, do not wait. Make a taste and just enroll yourself in msap repairing course.

How EMMC Engineering is good for Career Prospects?

What is eMMC engineering? Have you ever thought on the same? Here we have the definition to explain you – eMMC engineering is a specific stream of engineering that covers repairing techniques of the phones whether it is a basic one or an advance one. This field is a mix of both electronics and electrical concepts. With a large population dependent on their cell phones, there is a huge demand of professionals who know smart phones design, working, and repairs. In short, eMMC engineering is good for career prospects.

eMMC Repair Training Delhi will Help in Building Career in EMMC Engineering?

Yes, the answer is a big yes. In a eMMC training institute, students learn in modern labs equipped with tools and equipment like – diagnostic card, DC power supply, etc. There are separate theory and practical classes for the students divided into the modular system. Each type of fault repair is covered in the syllabus and then steps are executed. By this method, students master the art of Smartphone repairing with different OS versions such as Android, Windows, Blackberry, and several others.

eMMC Training Scope in India:

There are a number of eMMC brands in India and outside. Sony, Spice, Micromax, Samsung are only a few names that have changed the world of eMMC phone architecture, usage and functionality. With a professional diploma in eMMC technology, you can apply for a number of openings in these brands. To start with, many students first choose to work on eMMC service centers while others open their own repairing shops. The industry has bright future perspective since eMMC repairs are quite common, essential, and demanding service!

The service can be offered at the basic or advanced level according to the expertise of the engineers to resolve them. Several institutes like ABC Mobile Institute offer eMMC repairing courses and help in quick placement for a better career! Hence, go ahead and start your search today.

SMARTPHONE eMMC Repairing Course

  • Fundamentals of smart phone software, files, EMMC chip,And its working
  • Availablity of EMMC chip  (BGA169/153, BGA162/186, BGA221
  • Detail of Chip pin out with socket
  • Working of All EMMC chart like which point in use and non used pins in EMMC
  • troble shooting lost tracks in pcb
  • Easy jtag plus with special tricks of programming
  • repairing of  bad health EMMC
  • Process of alive dead EMMC
  • Process of read dump and rom
  • EMMC re-programming technique
  • upgradation EMMC  like 8gb to 16 gb etc
  • solved EMMC error like 11% error soltution


    • recovery data  from dead android smartphone
    • read way of  EMMC user data
    • Recover message,contact, image, whatsup,etc from msap

Process of remove glued ics from pcb

EMMC BGA chip Removing Process

BGA chip pads Cleaning

EMMC chip Jumper pin out

EMMC chip Micro jumper Process

Easy steps  of Rebolling EMMC

ways to makes balls of ics

below ic Jumper Technique

Free Demo Call Class eMMC Repairing Course in delhi

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