Led Tv Repairing Course, includes complete knowledge and practical training on how to repair LED LCD TV and tackle the small and big issues related to these. As people are becoming busier and did not get enough time to go outside their homes the only source of entertainment is their TVs, where they can see different programmes and enjoy their evenings. TV is a technical gadget and it can sometimes raise issues like screen disruptions, wiring problem or sound problems. This is the reason why? Everyone needs a good repair engineer to fix their TVs at a reasonable price. Just to liquidate this, career opportunity for the youngsters we are coming up with the courses like LED LCD TV Repair Course

Led Tv Repairing Course, The most important feature of our course is that we are providing it in a simple manner and our syllabus are designed in a manner that is easy to understand and grasp. At  Mobile Repairing Course Delhi that is our Led Lcd Repairing Course we are not only providing the basic and practical training for the TV repairing Course but are also providing placement assistance. In addition to this, we are providing communication skills classes to make the student confident enough to crack the interviews and do good in their jobs.

LED LCD TV repairing institute in Delhi, We are also giving an additional facility of lifetime counseling of our students. You can anytime call us and our counselors will not hesitate to solve your queries in a perfect manner.

Led Tv Repairing Course, Students or people that are interested in setting up their own business in LED  repairing  Course can get all the required business support and guidance after joining our courses. Our aim is not to just run an institute but to provide a good career to the participants. If you are looking for Led Repairing Course do not hesitate to contact us or visit our centers in Delhi.

Led Tv Repairing Course

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Institution

  • Theory and practical classes

  • Separate Tracing and Practical Labs

  • Experienced Trainers and Industry Experts

  • Business and Job Training

  • 100% Placement Support

  • Free Demo Classes

  • 100% Practical Training

Course Details:- Led Tv Repairing Course

  • How LCD LED smart TV Works
  • ALL Block diagram
  • LCD LED smart TV Motherboard repairing Class secrets
  • LED LCD smart TV panel modifications
  • Important voltages in LCD LED smart TV Motherboard
  • Powersupply repairing secrets
  • What is T-con board & Why Use? how it works and its important voltages
  • Inverter Board & All Board proper working procedure and important voltages check Problem and bypass methods
  • What is Eeprom and Flash IC, all fault difference between Eeprom and Flash IC and all LCD board, Smart Tv board.
  • What is lcd, Smart Tv panel, how it works and its important voltages
  • Double Image problem and rectifications Solution.
  • Vertical lines problem and solutions

Advance Course Details Led Tv Repairing Institute

  • LVDS connections & Design
  • LED smart TV Driver Board
  • LCD LED smart TV Panel Polarizer fixing
  • T-con Gamma IC voltages
  • COF COG Chips models
  • White Picture problems
  • Ghost picture problems
  • Liquid Crystals
  • Liquid Crystals Displays
  • The Power Supply Board
  • The Inverter Board
  • The Main Board
  • The Controller/T-con Board
  • The LCD Driver Board
  • The Stand By Circuit
  • The Liquid Crystal Display In Depth
  • Test Equipments
  • Schematic Diagrams

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